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The Apex ALASKA experience

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You know your way around a cockpit. You've proven yourself over countless hours of flight you've honed your skills to a fine edge. You have risen to the top. You are an APEX aviator.

But you know there are facets of flying that are still waiting to be conquered — testing your skills in new, exciting ways.

Or, are you a non-pilot but you have that adventure spirit, a longing to experience Alaska and can envision yourself in the cockpit of an Alaskan bushplane or helicopter?  If so, we want you to be our guest as we guide you around Alaska by air.  Perhaps you will acquire a taste for a little "stick time" at the controls of a real aircraft!

If the lure of Alaska intrigues you, if the stories of Alaskan bush pilots never grow old, if the thought of slipping into an pristine lake or exploring endless backcountry in a classic Alaskan bush aircraft makes the heart race, you are ready for your next great aviation adventure: APEX Alaska!



Who We Are:

We are your Hosts, your Instructors and your Guides.  It is our privilege to welcome you to Alaska and to share with you a taste of the wonders of Alaska through the freedom of flight.  The stunning beauty and diversity of the Alaskan wilderness and lifestyle is fittingly experienced by air. We want to share our knowledge as well as guide you through building your own new experiences in both aviation and life.  If you come to us as a pilot, either fledgling or fully feathered, our goal is to see you attain new heights as you explore and develop your aviation skills. If you come to us as a non-pilot, our goal is to help broaden your life-view by introducing you to new skill sets you never dreamed you might possess. Interwoven with the aviation experience, as our guest you will explore remote Alaska and taste the Alaskan lifestyle.




Located on Visnaw Lake outside of Wasilla, AK, APEX Alaska is near a myriad of mountains, lakes, rivers, airstrips and unprepared landing areas. It is the perfect environment to learn backcountry flying skills. Ground classes are held in our hangar facilities and comfortable cabin accommodations are available right on the lake! Call for prices and scheduling.

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Call Martin Hinshaw at (907) 947-4052 or email us here:

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